Go For The Gold

Passion- The Fuel of Life ….. Don’t live another year without it. No… don’t live another minute without it. Passion, that is. It is as necessary to a genuine, authentic life, as air is to life itself. Life was never meant to be lived without it. Life should never be endured. Or tolerated. Or even worse, survived. And above all, living a passionless life just might just be the greatest insult we could give to our Creator.

If there is one belief that I anchor my life to, it is that we are all created for purpose. And that purpose is the fuel for great passion. Passion is not something we have to self-generate; it flows from a life that is lived on purpose. Passion is that component that connects us to the rest of our world. It keeps us from living selfishly. Passion always has a mission: to set a new world record; to create a work of art that inspires others; to write the next blockbuster screenplay; to create a business that serves the community; to generate funds that will build an orphanage; to open a coffee and pastry shop that becomes the local haven and a place where dreams are born (The power of caffeineJ), etc.

So, what if we are lacking such passion? Well, then, I would seriously suggest that you make finding it a top priority. Oftentimes, passion is hidden just beneath a layer of status quo, hidden agendas from loved ones, or the fear of becoming great. Passion is not cheap. It is a precious commodity. It is the gold of life. And we must take the time to mine it from the caves of our hearts and dreams.

Furthermore, passion is not a quality to be possessed only by the few. It has not been assigned exclusively to the artists and writers of our world. On the contrary, passion lies within us all. It lies within you. And when we discover what we love to do, we are on the road to passion. It naturally evolves as we become true to ourselves-living a life that is congruent with the dreams and desires within our hearts. We were all born with gifts and talent that give us clues to our purpose. And as we pursue this purpose, an unbridled passion will follow. A passion that gets you up without an alarm clock. A passion that keeps you up at night. A passion that makes work “play”. So ask yourself, “What do I naturally get excited about?” “What would I do with my life if I could get paid for it?” “What do I enjoy watching others do?” Or, let me ask you this, “What fascinates you and can keep your attention almost indefinitely?” These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. Life is much too precious to live by default….so, take some time to discover that which inspires the greatness within you. And life will never be boring again….

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