Discover The Treasure Inside Of You

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas A. Edison

You may have heard it said, the richest place on earth is the cemetary. It contains a wealth of potential. It is full of lives who never even began to discover all the greatness that was locked up on the inside of them. There lies a multitude of individuals who never discovered their own unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities they had, that they were meant to use to change the world. People are the greatest commodity on the planet. It is people who have ideas, dreams, inventions, businesses, books, movies, songs, works of art and medical breakthroughs, all lying dormant on the inside of them just waiting to be discovered. People contain the real wealth the worlds needs.

Why do more people not discover this great treasure that lies within? There are a number of reasons of course, but primarily we are just not taught to believe that we are all filled with this potential. I don’t remember even one instance of this thought ever being mentioned in my entire educational career. In fact, I was not introduced to this thought until I was almost 30 years old.

Furthermore, we buy into the myth that there are an only few elect people who are gifted and talented, and they have all the potential. I mean, doesn’t it make sense that there is only room for a few at the top? We can’t all be the best, can we? Without all the “average” people, how can anyone else be considered “the best”? Surely some of us are destined for mediocrity. Someone has to make up the status quo.

I want to challenge this thinking because I’m convinced that we can all be great in our own world. We can’t all be Steve Jobs, or John Mayer, or Michael Phelps, but we were never meant to be them! Even if we are a computer whiz, fabulous guitarist, or aspire to be an Olympic swimmer, we will all do it a little differently! We will all have our own style, our own unique agenda, and our own purpose for doing what we do! One may use his computer genius to educate the next generation, while some will start companies, and yet others will develop new software! We may have similar gifting, but we will serve different communities.

We may have the same talent, but very different purposes! We may even have similar aspirations or goals, and yet no two people have the same exact passion, background, personally, value, or audience. I love to write, but my writing is unique to the entire world of writers because there is no one exactly like me! There may be better writers, but we serve our own unique communities. And therefore, I never have to “compete” against the world to be the best at what I am supposed to do! I don’t have to push others down, to make myself great. And even better, I never have to compare myself to anyone!

Truly, everyone has the seeds of greatness on the inside of them. But they are just that, seeds, not the full-grown fruit. And those seeds have to be watered, fertilized, exposed to the right amount of sunlight, and cultivated so that they can reach their fullest potential. The cool thing is, with proper care, all seeds will organically grown into the perfect replication of their DNA. And the better the care, the better the fruit. And that is all that you need to maximize your potential-nurture and cultivation. In other words, to start tapping into the seed of greatness inside of you, you need to grow the potential within you! By education, modeling, personal growth, practice, and character development, you can begin to mine the gold that is buried inside of you. Then you can take that gold and serve the world.

The blueprint for your best life is inside you, you just have to start building. Start today by asking yourself, “What do I love to do?” “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” “What do others see in me?” “What would I do for a full-time job if I could get paid to do it?” This is just to get you thinking-to prime the pump. Fortunately, there are a multitude of resources available to help you with the building process. Meanwhile, start dreaming… what would your ideal life look like? And watch for my next blog, “5 Keys To Unlocking Your Potential”

Stay Excellent!




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