Keys To Releasing Your Potential [Part 1]

” There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.” Henry Ford

All of us are capable of doing more, being better, and reaching greater levels of success in our lives. We all have untapped potential (See my blog “Discover The Treasure On The Inside Of You”) lying dormant on the inside of us, just waiting to be released. If you have ever watched the realty game show “The Biggest Loser”, you have witnessed the power of untapped potential being released.  These contestants, who begin their journey on the show extremely obese and unhealthy, transform their bodies into lean and healthy machines. Contestants on the show lose up to 50% of their body weight, build lean muscle mass, increase their aerobic capacity, and get in better shape than even some elite athletes. In addition to the obvious physical metamorphoses, contestants boast in even greater changes in the quality of their lives as a result of the weight loss!! (Not to mention the years they add to their life.) Not bad results for a year’s investment!

I wonder what kind of transformation you are capable of. I wonder what  kind of life is hiding on the inside of you?! What kind of career, marriage, friendships, business, and influence is on the inside you just waiting to be released?! What kind of future could you create if you started tapping into the greatness buried inside of you?! I feel quite sure the results would be no less staggering!

I believe we are all capable of living better lives. We all have potential that is locked up on the inside of us. But with the right keys, we can begin to unlock that untapped potential, and begin to live our best lives possible. And that’s what I want to address in this blog. I believe by applying these life-changing principles, you can immediately begin to unleash the power you need to discover your best self.

The first key to unlocking  the greatness on the inside of you is to DREAM. No one ever accomplishes anything he didn’t first dream of accomplishing. Every great and small endeavor begins first as a vision in our imaginations. According to Albert Einstein, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” For example, you first “see” yourself buying your dream home before you actually sign that contract. You first “see” yourself finding your ”soul mate” before you actually  go out on a date and fall in love. I remember when I was training for my first marathon, I used my imagination to see myself finishing the race before I actually ran the race. And the same is true for any change you want to see in your life.

While this may seem like an obvious place to start, in realty, our imaginations are probably the most underutilized tool we all possess that could greatly improve our odds of success. Sports coaches and athletes have been tapping into the power of visualization for years. Golfers, Olympians, and top-performers alike, use this powerful technique to improve performance. Tiger Woods has used this approach in his sport since he was a child. We must visualize our success, before we experience success. Even in the Old Testament, God told Abraham, (who was still childless at 120 years old) to go outside and “look at the stars” to give him a picture of his future-the stars representing his posterity.

Our imaginations play very significant roles in our lives. In fact, we all use our imaginations every day! Why not use them to make our lives better? Start dreaming again! Get a better vision of your future! See yourself succeeding! See yourself living harmoniously with your loved ones! See yourself healthy and fit! See yourself living your dream life! E. Paul Hovey says, “The greater the dream, the greater the potential. If your vision is great, your potential is great.”

The second most powerful way to tap into your hidden potential is through GOAL SETTING. There is so much to be said about this subject that it is the sole subject for one of my upcoming blogs. (“The Ultimate Guide In How to Make and Reach Your Life Goals” Available exclusively to those who are on my email list!) Simply put, goals are dreams with deadlines. Goals make our dreams practical and doable. Goals keep us on the highway of our dreams; They are essential for steady progress toward our ultimate vision.

If you want to see incredible progress toward your dreams, begin to set goals. Simply said, people who set goals accomplish more than those who don’t. According to a study of the Yale graduates of 1953, only 3 percent had clear written goals. Twenty years later, after interviewing  the surviving graduates of that class, researchers found that the 3 percent with written goals, were worth more in financial terms than the other 97 percent put together.  I think the results are clear. Setting goals makes a difference.

The two most important things to remember when you set goals, is that they must be challenging and specific. A goal must be challenging in the sense that it generates excitement in you! It should stir up a passion that energizes and mobilizes you to action!

Challenging goals will stretch you and cause you to grow.  You will grow into a better version of yourself! A more confident version of yourself! I love what Tony Robbins says about effective goals. Tony says, “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals- that is, goals that do not inspire them.” So set some BIG goals and get inspired!

Secondly, your goals must be specific. Goals that are vague or unclear will not work. A goal needs to be measurable. For instance, a goal such as ”To Become a better housewife ” is too vague. But a goal to “organize one room or one closet every week” is much more clear and measurable.

Setting and reaching goals takes practice. It is not something that you necessarily get right at your first attempt. (This is where a Life Coach can be extremely valuable.) But regardless, start setting them! When I look back over my life at all the goals I have set, I have reached some, and come short of a lot more. But at least I am a lot closer than I would have been if I had never set any! Setting goals can make a tremendous difference in your life and help you tap into your greatest potential. Don’t live another day without them!

The third key to unlocking our potential is to TAKE RISKS. If you want different results than you are currently experiencing, then you must do something different.”Everything you want lies just outside your comfort zone.” Change is rarely comfortable, but can elicit powerful change in our lives.

Let’s go back to the Biggest Losers contestants. Do you think it was comfortable for those contestants to leave their homes and families for months so that they could achieve such amazing results? Do you think that they were comfortable moving across the country, living with people they had never met, and eating foods they weren’t used to? Or how comfortable do you think they felt at the initial weigh-in, or at all the sequential weigh-ins wearing very skimpy clothes on national television? Not to mention the two-a-day workouts with Jillian and Bob screaming at them “Don’t you dare quit!” I think it’s safe to say they were way outside of their comfort zone. But I think it’s also safe to say that the radical results they achieved were well worth it!

“Engaging in appropriate but scary behavior outside of your normal comfort zone is one of the guaranteed ways you can increase your chances of positive change.” If you want to see massive change in your life, start taking risks. I just talked to a lady today whose friend in finally going out on a date after being divorced for 20 years! Now that is taking a risk, but don’t wait 20 years to see the change you want in your life!! Start today. Go on the blind date. Go to the job interview even if you aren’t qualified. Go buy new workout clothes and join the gym while you are still unfit! Get a new hair style! Go back to school and get your degree, or at least take a night class! Do something that scares that crap out of you!

My husband and I love to mountain bike. There are several reasons why I love it. I love to be outdoors. I love the trees and rocks and all the little creatures. But most of all, I love the challenge. Mountain biking is about taking one risk after another. No two trails are exactly the same. There are always new paths to negotiate. You can never get too comfortable. And it always requires risk. But that is what makes is so exciting!

There is no success without risk! If you can’t fail, you can’t succeed! But that’s what makes it all so exciting! That’s what makes the victory so sweet! Sure you may experience a little ”failure” now and then. But taking risks is the only way you can begin to unlock your hidden potential. It’s the only path to your greatest self.  And it’s the only path to living an awesomely, radically, great life!!   [part 2 coming soon]

Stay excellent!


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